The Social Ideas Podcast: ‘slow prototyping’ for systemic change

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In this episode, MSt in Social Innovation graduate and Global Engagement Office at CERN, Claudia Marcelloni discusses the social innovation lab movement and how its progress inspired her.

Through her research, Claudia discovered the benefits of a slower pace, and how taking time can lead to discoveries that enable systemic change.

The Social Ideas Podcast: human trafficking, the scourge of humanity

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The Social Ideas Podcast The Social Ideas podcast shares the impact of social innovation, its necessity and its capacity to challenge the status quo. Throughout this series, highly committed change makers in business, civil society, policy and academia will talk … Continued

Start where we are

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20 August 2018. A 15-year-old girl steps up – and out of school – and goes on strike. Thousands follow Greta Thunberg’s example, collectively shaming older generations for inaction or ineptitude in the face of climate crisis. For Thunberg, even … Continued