Rap about Cambridge Social Ventures Weekend

Rap about Cambridge Social Ventures Weekend

More than 700 social entrepreneurs have come to one of our Social Venture Weekends since 2014… but this is the first time anyone’s been inspired to rap about us!

On a sunny weekend this summer, 50 budding social entrepreneurs joined us for the 14th Social Venture Weekend, a three-day workshop at Cambridge Judge Business School for anyone with plans to start or grow a social venture, which is a business that makes a positive social or environmental impact.

Bhishma Asare

Rap Therapy is a social venture which teaches young people to be creative and positively express themselves through rap. They have worked with over 1200 students across nine schools and establishments in South London.

Bhishma Asare, the founder of Rap Therapy, came along to our last weekend and captured its essence in a rap!

We have shared the lyrics below and you can read more about Bhishma’s work for Rap Therapy on their website.

“Social venture weekend, it was a blast”

The training covers business essentials like finance, market research, business models, pitching and more, through a social lens, focused on making social impact through creating and scaling a sustainable business. It is designed to help emerging social entrepreneurs explore new ideas and supports established social ventures to refine their thinking.

“A network of people, and they’re all full of heart”

Over the years, we have learned that the training is only half of it. For many people, social entrepreneurship is a whole new world, so it is a chance to find a community of like minds, committed to doing good through business. Our research shows that even years later, this community-building aspect continues to have a deep impact on the ventures who spend time with us.

If you’ve got plans for a social venture, even if it is just an idea, come along to our next workshop: 16-18 November 2018 in Cambridge. Registration is open now, so find out more and get started on our website.

Tamzin Byrne, programme manager at Cambridge Social Ventures

Photos by Zoltan Harshegyi, founder of ECHO, another social venture which attended the workshop.

Social Venture Weekend: a rap!


This is a story…

Of Rap Therapy…

When we went to social venture weekend.

Let’s go!


Social venture weekend, it was a blast

Three solid days but it really went fast

Learnt more than I’ve learnt in the past

Network of people, and they’re all full of heart


My story begins in the hood

Kids killing kids, yep they’re up to no good

No outlet, no outlet get caught in the wrong crowd the young boys would


Day one was great there wasn’t any pressure

I heard that you can’t manage what you can’t measure

Belinda was great she really broke it down

Theory of change achieve what you build from the ground


Manage, improve, convince, reassure

Talking, networking building rapport

Personal journeys and stories for all

Entrepreneurs from the past that inspired us all


Networking got to talking with Neil

His experience was great and he feels how I feel

Help who you help but you got to pay the bills

And it’s not an easy path but the supports been real


Day two – Business models they were covered

Visual importance elements to discover

Great help from the mentors

Knowledgeable equipped us with all the essentials


Legal structures, there were countless but it helped

Rules and regulations, the law in itself

Met therapists that want to help the kids’ mental health

All for free, they didn’t care about wealth


Isla was great she was really funny

Market research, you can get cash money

But it has to be relevant

Because the numbers matter so act with intelligence


Turned up the final day without fail

Mark taught us all about sales

A good salesman listens

Two ears one mouth, but you got to sell your vision


Fundamentals of finance

Easily broken down I can do it on my iMac

Or even on my iPad

Change can be made if you can then I can


Rap by Bhishma Asara, a.k.a. Rapper Proph 

Bhishma Asare & Tamzin Byrne

Bhishma Asare & Tamzin Byrne

Bhishma Asare & Tamzin Byrne

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