Men and #MeToo – podcast

This podcast discusses ways in which men and boys can contribute to the struggle towards a more gender equal world in the wake of #MeToo.

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At the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation, we invite change makers in business, civil society, policy and academia to talk about their work, their ideas and their motivation to strive towards to a more just and sustainable world. In this podcast, gender equality advocate Lilia Giugni is in conversation with Tanner Taddeo of SOS Music Media about gender inequality and what role specifically can play in this issue.

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What role can men play in advancing gender equality?

“The more I do gender equality work, the more I believe we need to build bridges and bring men into the conversation. And there is another painful lesson that Brexit, Trump’s election, and the rise of a xenophobic, inhumane government in my native Italy all taught me. It is imperative that we stop preaching to the choir, and try to reach beyond the progressive echo chamber. It is with these goals in mind that Tanner Taddeo and I recorded this joint podcast, now freely available online. The current structure of inequalities harms us all, women, men and people of all gender, and we can all help smash it. Day by day, bit by bit.”

Lilia Giugni[email protected]

Dr Lilia Giugni is the Co-founder and CEO of GenPol – Gender & Policy Insights, a think tank consultancy researching matters of gender and advocating for a more gender equal world. She is also a post-doctoral Research Fellow in Social Innovation and a Teaching Associate at Cambridge Judge Business School. Her research interests and advocacy work cover the prevention of gender-based violence, the gendered side of organised crime, and how to embed gender equality concerns in organisational systems. Lilia holds a PhD in Politics from the University of Cambridge and sits in the board of several charities, social enterprises and feminist networks.

Civil conversation for change

Tanner Taddeo

“I am the Co-founder of SOS Music Media, a social impact media company created in order to spur thought on prominent issues through writing on socially minded pop-culture entertainment (i.e. music videos), spark discourse through podcasts with thought leaders, and ignite civic engagement through live events. We created SOS because societal trust in institutions is at an all-time low coupled with political polarisation at an all-time high, and we believe that for a healthy society there needs to be a substantive civil conversation on these issues that lead to change, not division. Towards this end we set out to create ‘media that matters’ using pop-culture entertainment to make thinking, talking, and engaging with these issues fun, inspiring, and energising.”

Tanner Taddeo[email protected]

Tanner is the co-Founder of SOS Music Media with his co-Founder running SOS’s operations out of Connecticut/New York City. His passion for starting SOS is to help create more civil dialogue around prominent social issues and help individuals learn more, find community, and meaningfully engage – all in entertaining ways. Outside of SOS, Tanner works in impact investing in London and has worked as a social impact consultant, in impact investing in Bangalore, India, and at two major international NGOs in New York City. Tanner is part of the 2017-2019 cohort of the Master of Studies programme at the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation.

Lilia Giugni & Tanner Taddeo

Lilia Giugni & Tanner Taddeo

Lilia Giugni & Tanner Taddeo

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