The Social Innovation Think Tank: reimagining capitalism?

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The Social Innovation Think Tank

The Social Innovation Think Tank series explores the power of social innovation in the modern world; sharing its necessity and capacity to challenge the status quo.

The monthly series is hosted by Dr Neil Stott and Professor Paul Tracey, co-directors of the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation.

They interview academics from many disciplines, who discuss their motivation to strive towards to a more equitable and sustainable world.

Episode Six – Reimagining Capitalism?

In the sixth episode of The Social Innovation Think Tank, Dr Neil Stott and Professor Paul Tracey discuss ‘Reimagining Capitalism?’ with guest Professor Rebecca Henderson.

Professor Henderson is from Harvard University, and she shares how she feels capitalism is damaging both society and the planet.

In her book, Reimaging Capitalism in a World on Fire, Professor Henderson outlines the key points of her vision for a different kind of capitalism:

“This is not going to sound very dramatic or very exciting, for me reimagined capitalism is reclaiming the idea that free markets work best when they’re in balance with democratically accountable, freely elected transparent capable government and a strong civil society […] societies really thrive when the free market is held in balance: when government ensures that markets are genuinely free and fair, that externalities are properly priced […] and when there’s a government to ensure there’s genuine freedom of opportunity. So that means that everyone, regardless of the zip code their born or the colour of their skin gets the same kinds of opportunities to participate”.

Professor Rebecca Henderson

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