The hidden cost of using Amazon Mechanical Turk for research: not a silver bullet

Written by Antonios Saravanos, Clinical Associate Professor of Information Systems Management, School of Professional Studies, New York University. Antonios is also an Associate Research Fellow for the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation and a graduate of the MSt in Social … Continued

My social innovation story: from fencing to social innovation

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Written by Rania Rahardja, a student on our MSt in Social Innovation programme, who matriculated with Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge. Over the next two years, we’ll follow the journey of some of our Cohort Five students, who started … Continued

Student life in a time of chaos

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Pivoting lifestyles towards a positive mindset For the last three years I have been studying International Business; a subject which in passing may sound dense with its vague title, however, it holds extensive meaning within its context and our society. … Continued

The Social Ideas Podcast: the sustainable power of earthworms

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The Social Ideas Podcast The Social Ideas Podcast shares the impact of social innovation, its necessity and its capacity to challenge the status quo. Throughout this series, highly committed change makers in business, civil society, policy and academia will talk … Continued

Moving beyond social entrepreneurship

Social extrapreneurship There is growing interest in expanding our understanding of social innovation, moving beyond social entrepreneurship to address societal challenges through different decision-making levels(1) and the collaboration of multiple actors. Social extrapreneurship(2) is a novel view of entrepreneurship: it … Continued

The Social Ideas Podcast: ‘slow prototyping’ for systemic change

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In this episode, MSt in Social Innovation graduate and Global Engagement Office at CERN, Claudia Marcelloni discusses the social innovation lab movement and how its progress inspired her.

Through her research, Claudia discovered the benefits of a slower pace, and how taking time can lead to discoveries that enable systemic change.