Passive or active? Generation Z and the social marketing of Black Lives Matter

Written by Ineka Hogge, student of MSc in Management (Supply Chains Logistics), Durham University and volunteer for the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation. Generation Z and scaling social movements At the age of 22, I belong to Generation Z, defined … Continued

The hidden cost of using Amazon Mechanical Turk for research: not a silver bullet

Written by Antonios Saravanos, Clinical Associate Professor of Information Systems Management, School of Professional Studies, New York University. Antonios is also an Associate Research Fellow for the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation and a graduate of the MSt in Social … Continued

Māori & social innovation

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Written by Dr Ella Henry, Associate Professor and Director of Māori Advancement, Auckland University of Technology School of Business, Economics and Law; and Associate Research Fellow, Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation. Kia ora, greetings, I am a Māori/Indigenous woman from … Continued

The Social Innovation Think Tank: what does social-symbolic work mean for social innovators?

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The Social Innovation Think Tank The Social Innovation Think Tank series explores the power of social innovation in the modern world, sharing its necessity and capacity to challenge the status quo. The monthly series is hosted by Dr Neil Stott … Continued

Social enterprise for social change: the rise of Newfoundland & Labrador

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The rural and remote communities of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, are the source of many fascinating historical and contemporary examples of organising for social change and provide the backdrop and the inspiration for the work of the Centre for Social Enterprise (CSE).

My social innovation story: from fencing to social innovation

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Written by Rania Rahardja, a student on our MSt in Social Innovation programme, who matriculated with Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge. Over the next two years, we’ll follow the journey of some of our Cohort Five students, who started … Continued

Removing the concrete wall: how to increase the number of Black women in leadership

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There’s the gender gap and there’s the race/gender gap The ‘glass ceiling’ is now a common term used to reference the set of obstacles women face to hinder their progress in the workplace, especially as they aim to rise up … Continued